Blue Frog Gaming is a small team of software craftsmen, pixel perfect artists, and game enthusiasts dedicated to building great games.

Our Games

Build fleets of advanced ships to conquer other players and mysterious Rift missions in a rich game world with as easy to user interface.
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A new massive multiplayer game of interstellar battles. Featuring real time animated battles, deep strategic gameplay, and plenty of challenges.
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Built in collaboration with Syfy Games, Stardrift Empires takes the classic Starfleet Commander gameplay to a whole new level with expanded art, achievements, game mechanics, and of course new players to battle.

Stardrift Empires Nova adds new ships and buildings to the game for a new experience.
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The game that put us on the map, Starfleet Commander is a game of strategic dominance.

This classic game of resource management, alliance building, and sneaky battles has multiple universes to play in, each with different rulesets and speeds to match your style of play.
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Archived Games


The Company

Matt Maroon
As CEO, Matt's chief responsibilities include keeping the company's tea cart stocked, "researching" new games (often for days at a time), and perfecting his table tennis serve.
Chad Remesch
Our CTO, Chad spends his time researching AJAX, Comet, and other things that sound like cleaning agents to the rest of us.
John Marks
The company's Chief Operating Officer, John is responsible for operating on various operations. Whenever there is an operation to be operated upon, John is there operating.
Jason Marks
Jason is a support robot sent back in time from the future to prevent World War 3 from erupting when one player's offensive planet name incites Hugo Chavez to attack his home in Los Angeles.
Jeff Kunze
Jeff doesn't like any form of cheese at all. Isn't that weird? Like, totally, freakishly weird?
Karthik Chokkaram
We rescued this recent college graduate from Michigan. Now he is responsible for programming and tripling our ping pong supplies budget.
Adam Roush
Adam hasn't seen virtually any 80s action movies. We'll remedy that soon.
Matt Hirschfelt
Matt's job is to make sure the customers on our forums are civil to one another. We hope he likes beer, he's going to need a lot of it.
Tim Brenner
Tim is amazing at everything he attempts. He is the prettiest in the office, and everyone he meets strives to be as awesome as he is (He in no way wrote this description).
Devin Ford
Devin hasn't said anything since he started so we don't know what to put in here yet. We will get back to you in a few months.


Why Work At Blue Frog Gaming?

  • Dual LCDs
  • Computers with lots of RAM and solid state drives
  • Aeron chairs
  • Free beverages
  • Great location in Class A offices
  • Full health coverage
  • Stock options
  • Competitive salary and vacation
  • Fun company culture

Current Positions

Software Engineer



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